Never tried a low or no alcohol beer before?
Here’s the ideal way to sample our superb Stone Cold Blonde.

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Stone Cold Blonde is an excellent tasting low alcohol beer that is just 0.9 ABV

An easy drinking medium low alcohol craft beer. A pale golden colour, moderate hop flavour, with a medium bitterness balanced with a malty finish. Smooth without harsh bitterness. Reminiscent of English Summer Beers.

So our Blonde Ale is perfect if you have an active lifestyle, want to reduce calorie intake or keep a clear head maybe for ferrying friends and children about.
And, if you’ve experienced too many ‘designated driver’ moments – thinking another soft sugary drink will tip you over the edge then let your taste buds rejoice at the crisp hoppy flavours and classic Blonde taste inside every 500ml bottle.

  • Refreshment of a great beer and always under 1% ABV
  • 1/5 calories of a standard beer, all the flavour of a premium ale
  • Genuinely isotonic – Perfect after sports or a workout
  • No chemical nasties!

We’re a Yorkshire based craft brewery that specialises in low alcohol beer. We source our ingredients from farms in the local area and our brewing facilities are in Ripon. All Stone Cold beers are best served chilled to enjoy them at their refreshing best.