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About Us: Alec, Stone Cold Brewery Founder


Low alcohol beer is good for you!

My name is Alec, founder of Stone Cold Brewery and I want to introduce you to the Stone Cold Brewery story.

You know how it is; you spend the week working hard, conscious that you need to cut back on your alcohol content. No bad thing, but come the weekend I found I was spending it driving my wonderful children to and from their various sports activities. Obviously, that rubbed off on me as I followed their active healthy example, going to the gym and increasing my level of fitness. That meant cutting back on drinking.

The problem was I didn’t want to fill myself with the options of sugary drinks, and bland no alcohol / low alcoholic beers. I wanted a low alcohol beer that had all the taste, refreshment and isotonic goodness but without the problem of the alcohol. But I couldn’t find a low alcohol beer that appealed to me for taste and refreshment. Particularly after putting in all that effort in the gym! A beer that put me in control of the choice of drink, not the ones the supermarkets peddle from the major brewers.

The drink industry has a problem. The health risks of drinking have been drummed into us. Studies have shown that Men are advised to stay within 3-4 units in any one day, Women are advised to stay within 2 – 3 units a day and everyone is recommended to have 2 – 3 days alcohol-free a week.

Did you know one Unit is 10ml of pure alcohol? A 330ml bottle of premium strength 5% beer is 1.7 units. A low alcohol beer typically at 0.8% is equivalent to 0.2 of a unit. You would have to drink 5 bottles of low alcohol beer within a short space of time to even reach one unit, or 9 bottles to reach the equivalent alcoholic content of a premium strength beer.

I had a  ‘Stone Cold Sober’ moment and established Stone Cold Brewery – a brewery specialising in low alcohol beers, setting out to create the very best low alcohol beer using only the finest UK ingredients and absolutely no nasties.

Can a low alcohol beer be healthy? Yes! Our unique thirst-quenching low alcohol beers are at or under 1% ABV, isotonic and fat-free. Having our Beer means no hangover and more motivation for exercise. Did I also mention they are lower in calories?

We’re determined to become the health-conscious drinkers low-alcohol beer of choice. A quality product and brand for an active lifestyle. Oh, and helps those Mums and Dads, who like me, spend their weekends ferrying their children around and need something different to drink!

Welcome to Stone Cold Brewery – We have stone cold beer to keep your head clear!

All our beers are:

+ 0.9% ABV or less+ 90 Calories+ Isotonic+ Fat Free

+ Vegan+ Refreshing+ Flavoursome

Low calorie, gluten free beer. Almost alcohol free
The best low sugar, alcohol free blonde beer you can buy

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